Virtual Music Lesson Ideas for Elementary Educators

April 28, 2022

Suffering from writer’s block while planning out your next lesson? Especially while teaching virtually, keeping the kids engaged has been quite a challenge.

As Auri Productions’ social media manager, I have come across a brilliant music teacher on Instagram that you should definitely know about. She is not only an instructor to her elementary school students, but also to her colleagues in music education.

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This lady is a superstar. Seriously. Between her blog, YouTube channel, podcast, published book, available lesson plans, social media wisdom, and other free resources, any music educator could learn something from Becca. Coming from one amazing teacher, here are different channels to find inspiration (and materials) for your next virtual music lesson.

“Virtual Music Lessons for Teaching Music Online” Paperback and EBook

This $30 paperback or $25 EBook includes over 50 lesson plans and free online resources to use with your students. For grades K-5, these lessons are perfect for movement, singing, reading, writing, listening, and more. This is my favorite resource on the list; if you were looking for lesson plans, here are 50+ of them!

Check out the free preview of “Virtual Music Lessons for Teaching Music Online”

Learn more and purchase the paperback or EBook here

YouTube Lesson Ideas

Becca actually has two amazing channels, and here is a video from each. Beyond virtual learning, Becca has great content for the pandemic and beyond.

Free Music Educator Resource Library and Blog

After inputting your email to be sent the password for access, Becca’s free resource library offers powerpoints, worksheets, activity cards and more to be used in your virtual and in-person classroom. I’d love to include an example (they are seriously awesome) but I don’t want to take away from the exclusivity of the library. You’ll have to sign up yourself to see what I am talking about!

Her blog is a separate part of her website, but it includes similar content for absolutely free.

Virtual Music Lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers

You may have heard of Teachers Pay Teachers before. This is a great place to find educational resources of any kind, including virtual lessons. While Becca’s Music Room does not focus specifically on virtual learning, there are still applicable lessons for online and in-person classes.

Becca’s Music Room Podcast

If you are looking for a more candid conversation about the experiences of music educators during the pandemic, this is a great episode to listen to of “Becca’s Music Room  Joined by another teacher, Becca chats about her experience and strategies during this time. Click the image to access the episode.

What did I tell you; she is a superstar, right? I would definitely recommend staying up to date with Becca on her website.

Virtual Choir is the Best Virtual Activity

Creating a virtual performance with your students is the ultimate virtual activity. Imagine your students singing and smiling faces together again in the cutest video keepsake! By applying to Auri Productions’ Music Educator’s Fund, your project may be more affordable than you would think. There are only enough funds for 10 schools to be awarded, so be sure to apply as soon as possible.

If you are interested in DIYing your own virtual choir, check out our blog series, “How to Create a Virtual Choir” or contact us for private instruction.

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Grace Lowe is the social media manager and marketing coordinator of Auri Productions. Receiving a B.A. in the music business from Berklee College of Music, Grace is an entrepreneur, music business buff, and musician. Aside from her work at Auri Productions, Grace is an artist and business owner of her handmade crochet apparel brand. Grace will soon be based in Los Angeles and is eager to continue her small business and continue working in the music industry.

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