8 Wind Ensemble Pieces Perfect for a Virtual Performance

April 28, 2022

Organizing a virtual band comes with its obstacles. We should know, as our speciality at Auri Productions is in helping communities come together through virtual music. With instrumental ensembles especially, there are many unique parts to create guide tracks for and instrumentalists to distribute digitized sheet music to. Things can also get tricky when you don’t have the players to cover all of the parts essential to your piece.

We wanted to fill you in on how to avoid these obstacles when creating your virtual band project.

Eight Band Pieces Composed for Virtual Learning

Our composer and music educator friend, Ben Hylton of Hylton Music Design, has been busy creating eight wind ensemble pieces designed for middle school and high school virtual learning.

Why are these compositions preferable for my virtual band project?

  1. Cinematic backing tracks are included with the scores. Students can practice and record themselves along with the track for assignments and virtual music projects. There are even audio files at slowed-down tempi to help your students in their rehearsal process.
  2. The sheet music is digital and ready to send to your players. You won’t have to spend time at a copy machine digitizing your files.
  3. The repertoire is composed for FLEX band. Scored for 3-6 parts and full percussion, this is the perfect solution if you are creating a performance with sparse or uneven instrumentation. If you have been dealing with spotty participation from your students during virtual learning, choosing a piece for FLEX band may offer the best results.
  4. Among the eight pieces, difficulty levels 1-4 are represented. Even with a more advanced group, it may be a wise move to take on a piece that could be performed with ease, especially with students recording themselves from home without the help of their fellow players or conductor.
  5. Bonus point: These compositions will serve as a great addition to your song library, and can be used in the classroom when returning to in-person learning.

Virtual Band Consortium

Collectively, these pieces were created for the Virtual Band Consortium. Now completed, when opting into the consortium, band directors will receive all of the materials for their indicated grade level. Not only does this include four compositions, but also a full fundamentals program, harmony studies, and chorales to be used in rehearsal.

Custom Guide Tracks

If you have another piece in mind for your virtual performance, Hylton Music Design can create custom guide tracks for your project. Learn why guide tracks are necessary to every virtual music project.

Contact us to get started on your virtual performance project, or head over to Hylton Music Design for these awesome virtual learning resources.

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