Media for a changing world

Personalized production services that build community

Welcome to a multi-media production company that understands the world of media is changing.

Now, with hybrid events, live streaming, and online video, today’s meetings, talks, concerts, interviews, performances, classes, and other events require a new understanding and approaches for engaging your audience. The ever-changing nature of the pandemic makes it vitally important to partner with a production that can pivot effortlessly in response to environmental changes.

Making your programs more dynamic. And your life much easier.

Whether in a church or concert hall, synagogue, or seminar room, Auri Productions gives you the production savvy multimedia programs require and the personal service you deserve.

Together, we use the latest and most appropriate media production technologies to build your brand and audience.

“We just finished our first hybrid event with Auri Productions. We could not be happier. Everyone on site had a great time, everyone online, it just seemed to work- it was great! We are so excited to be working with them in the future.” 

Jason Schrenk
Event and Operations Manager, Harvard Business School Association of Boston 

We’re Scrappy, Savvy, and on Your Team

With our network of video and multi-media producers, musicians, cinematographers, designers, and project managers, Auri Productions custom tailors a production team to meet your project’s specific needs and requirements. From intimate concerts to large conferences, we are committed to making every project go smoothly and successfully.


Pre-production & planning

We begin every project with a discovery call to clarify your needs, goals, & past examples. We create an estimate & contact before beginning the project.


Filming, live-streaming, & everything in between. Our team will come on-site or you can film in our studio.


Video editing and revisions are different for every project. Each client will receive a timeline & estimate for completion to fit their deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What streams can you cover?

We do anything from concerts to hybrid lecture series, to services, bar-mitzvahs, weddings, and virtual conferences, you name it. Every stream has its unique technical needs and challenges, and we aim to match each and every one of them.

How much does live streaming cost?

When I got into this business, I so desperately wanted to seek the “one size fits all” price model for streaming. But I quickly learned that every event has its unique needs, and therefore its unique price point. I wish I could give you that price up front, but the answer is: it’s not that simple.

How much does live streaming cost? No, really, you must have some idea of how much a live streaming service costs!

As mentioned before, every stream is uniquely different and thus has a different price point. On average however, our live streams run from $750-$5,000 per finished hour (1 hour of time on-air).

Why is live streaming so expensive? Aren’t you just sticking up a camera on a tripod?

Well, you got 1 thing right! We do need cameras to stream (sort of a necessity :)). Sometimes we may need 2, 3, or more camera angles to capture everything needed for an event! But streaming is in reality, much more than that.

With every stream, the space, hall, or location is completely unique (sound familiar?), and thus requires unique attention. It is standard to do an on-site walk through if we’ve never worked with you before to make sure that we have the proper internet connection, cabling, power, computers, video switchers, and lighting needed to make the stream work.

In addition to that, we need to capture audio; if the event is hybrid (both in-person and online presence), we need a way of everyone to hear the action. Though not necessary for a basic stream, we also encourage the use of graphics and media to engage your audience for the best viewing experience!

Okay, okay, I get that it’s expensive. But why do I need a nice stream? Can’t we just use our internet connection, put an iPhone on a tripod, and hope for the best?

Yes, of course, you can do that! And in many situations, that may be the best option for you. IPhones and other smartphones have great camera capabilities and can do more than ever before. However, if you want a truly engaging, immersive live streaming experience, you can’t do that on your own. Displaying a truly professional stream indicates that you take your work or performance seriously, and therefore others should too!

What are other benefits to doing a live stream with Auri Productions?

We have done many streams since the start of the pandemic; we know how to ensure good quality streams, as well as provide content that works for your unique audience and goals. Sometimes, streaming into zoom with a single camera is what’s right for you, while sometimes a multi-media multi-platform stream with a 5 person crew is what you need! We know how to decipher your needs, and we aim to provide you with exactly what’s best for your end goal.

“Ariel’s amazing. He understood everything we threw at him in short notice. He did such a good job with the presentation and graphics. It was amazing- our whole team agreed that we should continue working with Auri Productions in the future

Israeli Consulate